pyr182 brice catherin – sequences


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a message from the composer:

dear and beloved listener,

my humble sequences for solo cello do not have a specific order, so please press the random button before you play them. note that you will have to listen to the album 3,628,800 times to hear all the possible versions of it.

now, some of the sequences sound familiar? you bet! you heard them in my previously released winterreise (pyr065). they’re the soloist’s material of my now world famous first concerto for cello and free ensemble. but ain’t they beautiful too just like this, on their own? yep they are, and this is why i recorded them live on a rainy saturday morning instead of earning money doing a real job. this recording, by the way, is guaranteed 100% one-take-only, editing-free, pure slice of real life performance transformed into a memorable set of mp3’s.

a few other fun facts about sequences:
1) the performer has to use a curved bow or BACHbogen.
2) the same ten sequences exist also in a version for string quartet, and in a version for free ensemble. if you surf the web, you might find traces of that.

the sequences were composed, performed, recorded and mixed by brice catherin (cello), who would like to thank the following awesome people for their help: christia flourentzou, gilles catherin, david puntener, alexis degrenier, nicolas deletaille, emilie girard-charest and christian rosset.

art by oriane lassus

release date: may 1, 2016.

brice catherin on pyr

01. sequence four 02. sequence nine 03. sequence one 04. sequence eight 05. sequence two 06. sequence six 07. sequence seven 08. sequence three 09. sequence five 10. sequence ten

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