pyr186 elbio barilari and andy cohn – fluid timescape


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fluid timescape came from one session of a long term project which began over six years ago at the mythical andy’s warehouse, a 4,000 square foot facility in which collector and pianist/composer andy cohn lodges his more than 3,000 instruments from all over the world. many of the most gifted jazz and world music players from chicago or visiting the city have sat in at those famous jam-sessions, mostly on fridays. in this case it was a duo session, with elbio playing a vintage jp-8000 roland synthesizer and andy playing a steinway piano, a yamaha cp-70m electric piano and roland juno-d syntheziser. the video was made by german dj tobías bassline, from munich.

elbio barilari – synthesizer
andy cohn – piano, keyboards, percussion, voice.

recorded at the warehouse, chicago, november, 2015.
video by tobias bassline, munich, germany.
edited by pablo reyes at vr studio, chicago.

photo by max kundrat.

release date: may 23, 2016.

elbio barilari on pyr
andy cohn on pyr

01. fluid timescape