pyr204 ana maría romano g. – hasta mañana al día siguiente

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posdomingo 02.10.2016
year: 2016
duration: 7’36”
accordion: eva zöllner
format / info: work for accordion and 8 channels fixed media. this piece is only the fixed media in stereo version.

incluye postre
year: 2016
duration: 7’52”
format / info: 4 channels fixed media, this is a stereo version.

out of nowhere
year: 2016
duration: 1’00”
format / info: fixed media (stereo) – miniature.

todo a mil
year: 2015-2016
duration: 6’30”
format / info: fixed media (stereo) – soundscape.

a todo menos a nada
year: 2009
duration: 7’47”
format / info: fixed media for 8 channels, this is a stereo version.

release date: december 15, 2016.

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01. posdomingo 02.10.2016 02. incluye postre 03. out of nowhere 04. todo a mil 05. a todo menos a nada