pyr208 red kite – sunburst 2006-2012

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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”cetus (minus mix)@, klik@, conexión social (chile al minuto)@, eniac@, sureste (ciudad inacabada)@, amanecer (kino)@, ill@, cetus@, miga@, postal@, sureste@, 457@, saloize iii@″]

all works composed, recorded and mastered by red kite, in tragatrullo studio, murcia, spain [2006-2012].

saloize iii features salva m.

this is a compilation of first recordings by red kite.

cover photo by carlos luján.

release date: february 27, 2017.

red kite on pyr

01. cetus [minus mix] 02. klik 03. conexión social [chile al minuto] 04. eniac 05. sureste [ciudad inacabada] 06. amanecer [kino] 07. ill 08. cetus 09. miga 10. posta 11. sureste 12. 457 13. saloize iii (featuring salva m)