pyr213 viegas pellerin corda orrù – for massas

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joão pedro viegas – bass clarinet
guy-frank pellerin – soprano and tenor sax
silvia corda – piano
adriano orrù – double-bass

recorded live on may 14th, 2015 at livraria ler devagar (lisboa) using a zoom h4
edited by adriano orrù
cover photo by silvia corda

our warmest thanks to abdul moimême, paulo aranha and tabi sowden

When it comes to honouring someone, in music and in the arts in general, the most common thing to see is artists paying tribute to other artists who they are inspired by.

Less frequently, but still with a certain regularity, artists honour other professionals who are somehow linked to the creation process (in the case of music: producers, sound technicians, etc).

Those who artists rarely pay tribute to are the ones to whom their art is destined: their public, those who watch and listen.

With this in mind, Silvia, Adriano, Guy-Frank and I came to the decision that this concert should be dedicated to the most loyal listener of jazz and free music on the Lisbon scene: Paulo Albano, aka. Massas.

It was probably the last concert he saw. The news of his death came two days later, during a dinner that preceded a concert by the Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra, to the shock and consternation of his many musician friends who were present.

Até sempre, camarada! – João Pedro Viegas

release date: may 2, 2017.

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01. la prima frase 02. notre réponse 03. massas diz mais música 04. encore