pyr216 isabel nogueira – hybrid

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hybrid voices.
hybrid women.
constructed and nomade.
inner things, outside things
happening at the same time, not specifically related.
a dance between memory and imagination.
nomade voices.
sonic storm.

isabel nogueira: voice, sinthesizers, piano, creation, mix.
recorded in april, 2017.
in porto alegre, brazil.

mastered by andré brasil.
cover art by luciano zanatta.
cover photo by isabel nogueira.

lo mejon and la agrado – words from todo sobre mi madre by pedro almodovar
desaprender a morrer – poems by daniela delias and isabel nogueira
do you have one heart? – poem by isabel nogueira
distant voices – soundscape recorded at veneza, september 2016, with luciano zanatta
becky – poem by isabel nogueira

release date: may 23, 2017.

isabel nogueira on pyr

01. lo mejon 02. la agrado 03. desaprender a morrer 04. do you have one heart? 05. distant voices 06. becky 07. inner voices