pyr221 cinchel – temporary radiance

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track 1: keith’s mix/master from saturday may 20th 2017. no prerecorded loops were used during the set. all solo live guitar manipulation with laptop.

tracks 2 & 3: use the loops i saved during the practices leading up to the show as well as the loops i saved during performance.

cover art: keith’s photo from instagram manipulated by cinchel

cinchel: guitar/effects/laptop, mix/mastered tracks 2&3 @ dr. pirate’s ship may 2017.

release date: july 18, 2017.

cinchel on pyr

01. temporary radiance movements 1 & 2 (this is the way it sounded) 02. temporary radiance movement 1 (this is the way i wanted it to sound) 03. temporary radiance movement 2 (why did you do that (now everyone left the room)