pyr240 los pilotos – starfish

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as i was playing guitar in the basement, i stumbled across the chords to tell me so. i enjoyed playing the riff. and then added other things on top of it. and I had a cover. and then over the next year, more bikini kill songs came out. and i had an album’s worth of material. the songs came easy. they are in my music dna. they are a foundation element to my life. they are burned into my fabric. there are other bands and musicians who are a more direct influence on my music style and how i play and sound. but bikini kill is there for sure. a massive and crucial influence on how i think about art and music and life.

because i make my music available for free i decided to put a zine together to raise money for the chicago abortion fund. i was curious about how other people felt about bikini kill, how they remembered bikini kill, and what they had to say about bikini kill as both band and concept. and so others contributed to the zine as well. i am very grateful to all of those who participated.

buy the zine! (all proceeds will go to chicago abortion fund)

all songs by bikini kill.

performed by keith helt / los pilotos. guitar. bass. amp. drums. computer.

cover art by sarah leitten.

vocals on tell me so by tobi vail.


in accordance with natural law (intro and outro).
guitar. bass. drums. january 16, 2017.
vocals. february 4, 2017.

guitar. bass. drums. vocals. august 5, 2016.

false start.
guitar. bass. drums. october 24, 2016.
vocals. october 30, 2016.

psychic death.
guitar. bass. drums. january 16, 2017.
vocals. february 4, 2017.

tell me so.
guitar – may 28, 2016. bass – may 28, 2016. drums – may 28, 2016. vocals – june 13, 2016. keyboard – august 31, 2016.

release date: february 27, 2017.

los pilotos on pyr

01. in accordance with natural law (intro) 02. starfish 03. false start 04. resist psychic death 05. tell me so 06. in accordance with natural law (outro)

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