pyr243 arvo zylo – upheaval 100

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release date: april 5, 2018.

upheaval was first created as a drone featuring samples of divas holding sustained notes. it was initially supposed to be a track on a compilation, but when i said that it featured copywritten material, the label didn’t want to use it. so from that point, i used that material and reworked it every time there was an opportunity to be on a compilation. i created 100 versions of this piece. version 100 was aired during “drone week” on sound art radio in the uk several times, although it is more process oriented than strictly “drone”. now the final version of upheaval is being released on pyr.

thanks to: pan y rosas, scott scholz, tiny little hammers, jan kruml, steve lilly, and nikola vasilic.

arvo zylo on pyr

01. upheaval 100