pyr245 lola de la mata – REMISE EN BOUCHE

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REMISE EN BOUCHE, which translates as palate cleanser, or in the mouth, is both an act of refreshment for the ears, and a commentary on the misogyny women experience in the creative industries.

the album combines field recordings, classical rifts, untrained voice, violin, and transformed feedback noise. the layers co exist, tangle, overlap, to form a textured sonic world, full of movement, with sounds appearing and receding into dark voids.

everything you hear in this album was generated acoustically either with instrumentation or concrete sound sources.

composition / mix / album art: lola de la mata

mastering engineer: andrew larrabee

release date: april 22, 2018.

lola de la mata on pyr

01. Prelude 02. Landscape 03. Remise en Bouche (Palate Cleanser) 04. (self) Portrait 05. Voiceless 06. Curtain Call 07. Reveries 08. O – AKA Hidden Track