pyr247 anna xambó – H2RI

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release date: may 15, 2018.

there is a reason why all things are as they are
– bram stoker, dracula (1897)

H2RI is an instance of a generative album created by anna xambó in 2018. the 20 tracks of 1′ each have been generated using her self-built tool MIRLC, a library for using music information retrieval techniques in live coding. a basic rule has shaped the audio sources of the album: the only use of sounds of short duration from the crowd-sourced online sound database freesound. each track is complemented with the code in SuperCollider and the attribution to the authors of the original sounds.

– SuperCollider:

track sound sources: link

thanks to gerard roma and keith helt for their support during the creation of this album.

(CC BY-NC 3.0) Anna Xambó, 2018

anna xambo on pyr

01. H2RI.01 02. H2RI.02 03. H2RI.03 04. H2RI.04 05. H2RI.05 06. H2RI.06 07. H2RI.07 08. H2RI.08 09 H2RI.09 10. H2RI.10 11. H2RI.11 12. H2RI.12 13. H2RI.13 14. H2RI.14 15. H2RI.15 16. H2RI.16 17. H2RI.17 18. H2RI.18 19. H2RI.19 20. H2RI.20

*Freesound aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, … released under Creative Commons licenses that allow their reuse. We also aim to create an open database of sounds that can also be used for scientific research.