pyr250 los pilotos – nurse of being

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all music by keith helt/los pilotos. computer and related peripherals.
created between august – october of 2016.

release date: june 1, 2018.

los pilotos on pyr

01. and stain you 02. winter’s queen 03. ghosts and demons to hide from 04. thief of botanic knowledge 05. she is a system of repetitions 06. vaster than empires and more slow 07. she is filled with secrets 08. a nurse of being 09. the world is thicker than one hundred men

* TECHNE is a national arts education organization whose primary programs introduce young female-identified women and girls from all backgrounds to technology-focused art making, musical improvisation, and community collaboration. As part of our objective to embed social justice issues into our work, TECHNE delivers its programming through partnerships with local, grassroots arts organizations that share an aligned commitment to racial and gender equity.