pyr255 wilhelm matthies – curtains: matthies (live at jefferson park, 3-3-18)

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release date: july 24, 2018.

recorded live by keith helt, 3-3-18 in jefferson park, chicago, il.
mixed by keith helt.
mastered by wilhelm matthies using logic pro x
photo by wilhelm matthies

performed using the mosesa 9-CedarPlate, an instrument that wilhelm matthies designed and built.

guitar pedals were used when playing live, but strongest in the 2nd piece.

strymon’s unset, BlueSky, flint deco and the fishman aura and amped through an orange bass amp, the crush 50 bxt.

wilhelm matthies on pyr

01. matthies 1 (live at jefferson park, 3-3-18) 02. matthies 2 (live at jefferson park, 3-3-18) 03. matthies 3 (live at jefferson park, 3-3-18)