pyr267 brice catherin – death & the maiden

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death & the maiden
experimental metal

program notes by brice catherin:

death & the maiden was an ephemeral experimental metal project by frédéric danel (voice) and brice catherin (e-cello). we invited the amazing stéphane galland (drums) to join. our concept was pretty straight-forward: we tried to understand what the essence of metal consisted of. we then focused strictly on this essential material and developed it into this single track (from a live performance in geneva). we now have the pleasure to share with you seven years later.

i remember shortly after this aforementioned performance, we had a second (and last) concert in a metal festival. obviously this was not what the hardcore metal audience was expecting, but still, a bunch of metal fans literally kneeled in front of frédéric at the end of the gig. that was moving.

frédéric danel – voice
brice catherin – cello
stéphane galland – drums

31st of may 2011, cinéma spoutnik, geneva.
probably recorded and mastered by frédéric and brice, but we cannot really remember.

artwork by franz galo.

release date: december 17, 2018.

brice catherin on pyr

01. death & the maiden

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