pyr269 orlando – two frames of time

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release date: january 9, 2019.

at this point in our history as a species our sense of time is becoming increasingly volatile. what is solid and absolute breaks down in the air. it is difficult to perceive yourself as a creator, participant, or observer of this.

two frames of time attempts to be one with this volatility. it is the frame of time in which the artist perceives himself as something that flows and splits in the air.

to create his second album for pan y rosas, orlando used a p10 mono plug and a well-known virtual pedal simulator to create electroacoustic atmospheres. tic-tacs. saturated and clipped textures. moments of melodic distortions. the soundscape of a journey through a river of time.

the plastic environment and fluid space time is personified and expanded with the help of the colombia-born and buenos aires-based actor, juliana “la julia beltre” beltran.

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01. time zero 02. (in)finite time