pyr272 wilhelm matthies and reid karris – roots and ripples

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roots and ripples by Wilhelm Matthies and Reid Karris

“roots and ripples”
…earthy scratches, smears, thumps and bumps, and ringing, clear bell tones sometimes crashing and crackling…

This album was initiated in March 2018 when Reid Karris asked me if we would make an album together.

It was an internet collaboration. I recorded 3 and he recorded 3 and we exchanged files between March 2018 and I finished recording, mixing and mastered in Logic Pro X in January 2019.

I recorded using percussion and then mosesas 9, 10 and 11.
Reid recorded with bells, metal bowls, percussion and skatchbox.

The mosesa instruments are instruments that I am developing. They are horizontally oriented 2 and 3 stringed instruments using electric and electric bass strings and bowed with erhu and contra bass bows. I recorded with a mix of external pedals by Strymon, Sunset and Deco routed through a Fisherman Aura and an Orange bass amp as well as mixed with Logic Pro X compressor, EQ, convolution reverbs, and adaptive limiter. The mosesa is a semi-acoustic instrument dependent on external as well as internal DAW filtrations.

Reid Karris’s instrument called the “skatchbox” are variously textured items attached cardboard boxes, played with modified combs and amplified using contact microphones.

I mixed and mastered finished at the end of January 2019.

This is Reid Karris and my 2nd album together. The prior one was called “flow” and was also released by Pan Y Rosas Discos.

Art by Wilhelm Matthies

Release date: March 18, 2019

wilhelm matthies on pyr
reid karris on pyr

01. log over stream, branch on shore 02. truncated roots, light passes through ripples 03. a collection of smooth colored river stones 04. crackles and mumbles, silt merges into roots 05. ripples enclose leaves, roots search for soil 06. lie down in the dirt and let the earth slowly reclaim you

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