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Morning Sun

Longing, Craving

Monument (Reprise)

Future Loves

What Could Have Been?

Release date: December 19, 2019.

Each track starts as a seed and grows upward towards the sky. Strands of potential, we follow them and feed them with intention. Their beauty and ugliness comprise the fabric of our lives.

Embryos of future loves, our longing and craving their nourishment, they die and become monuments for the past.

We visit these sites and try to grasp their meaning, but all we’re left with are the threads of memory. And we ask what could have been.

Memorymusic – keyboards, production
Ujstin Echno – electronics, album artwork
Tommy Carroll – drum set

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01. Morning Sun 02. Longing, Craving 03. Monument (Reprise) 04. Future Loves 05. What Could Have Been?