pyr295 – hervé perez – PLGD

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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”styfg@, likabrd inacag@, winds of many harms@, lance l’eau du lac@, winds and humming buds@, par anneaux@, bird in a bush@, il faudrait qu’on cesse@, winds for whirly leaves@, styfg coda@, soprano fields@″]

soprano saxophone, voice, meditation bowls, live processing:
produced, mixed and mastered at nexTTime studios:
photography, graphic design:
hervé perez ©2008

release date: July 22, 2020

hervé perez on pyr

01. styfg 02. likabrd inacag 03. winds of many harms 04. lance l’eau du lac 05. winds and humming buds 06. par anneaux 07. bird in a bush 08. il faudrait qu’on cesse 09. winds for whirly leaves 10. styfg coda 11. soprano fields