pyr320 the rories – bow to no one

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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”el derrotismo (live at the mutiny)@, optimism (live at the mutiny)@, la duda (live at the mutiny)@, believe in sense(live at the mutiny)@, te vas a caer (live at the mutiny)@, horatio alger (live at the mutiny)@, the means (live at the mutiny)@, insecurity as an anthem (live at the mutiny)@, allen ginsberg (live at the mutiny)@, a million miles (live at the mutiny)@, thanks (live at the mutiny)@, la duda (live at happy dog)@, horatio alger (live at happy dog)@, allen ginsberg (live at happy dog)@, inheritance (live at happy dog)@, el poder (live at happy dog)@, el derrotismo (live at happy dog)@, the rise and fall of (live at happy dog)@, optimism (live at happy dog)@, d503 (live at ice factory)@, allen ginsberg (live at ice factory)@, blissed (live at ice factory)@, even moonlight (live at ice factory)@, the rise and fall of (live at ice factory)@, and then (live at ice factory)@, inheritance (live at av-aerie)@, blissed (live at av-aerie)@, the rise and fall of (live at av-aerie)@, promesas (live at av-aerie)@, la duda (live at av-aerie)@, allen ginsberg (live at av-aerie)@, horatio alger (live at av-aerie)@, hercules (live at av-aerie)@, and then (live at av-aerie)@, it’s like being there (live at av-aerie)@, la via muerte (live at silvies)@, la duda (live at silvies)@, blissed (live at silvies)@, promesas (live at silvies)@, the rise and fall of (live at silvies)@, allen ginsberg (live at silvies)@, hercules (live at silvies)@, fearless (live at silvies)@, and then (live at silvies)@, it’s like being there (live at silvies)@ “]

release date: May 15, 2022.

This album is really more of a collection of songs than any sort of artistic statement. The statement is that we were a band that existed in Chicago for a brief time. We played fifteen shows between 2005 and 2008 and we recorded five of them. The show at the Mutiny was recorded on a hand held tape recorder. The shows at Happy Dog and Ice Factory were recorded on a Tascam four track tape recorder. The shows at Av-aerie and Silvies were recorded on a Tascam DR-1 digital recorder. There are also some photos of us playing live, some drawings that Alex made, and a set list that he wrote.

The quality of the audio is not great, but it’s what exists. If anything, I want to emphasize that Alex was an amazing drummer and played the fuck out of the drums. I hope that that, at least, comes across.

Tracks 1-11 recorded at the Mutiny on April 4, 2005
Tracks 12-19 recorded at Happy Dog on January 29, 2006
Tracks 20-25 recorded at Ice Factory on May 12, 2006
Tracks 26-35 recorded at The AV-Aerie on April 29, 2008
Tracks 36-45 recorded at Silvies on on July 5, 2008

All songs written and performed by the rories.

Eric Es – bass on tracks 1-25
Keith Helt – guitar, vocals
Jesse Levine – bass on tracks 26-45
Alex Morales – drums, shouts

the rories on pyr

01. el derrotismo (live at the mutiny 02. optimism (live at the mutiny) 03. la duda (live at the mutiny) 04. believe in sense (live at the mutiny) 05. te vas a caer (live at the mutiny) 06. horatio alger (live at the mutiny) 07. the means (live at the mutiny) 08. insecurity as an anthem (live at the mutiny) 09. allen ginsberg (live at the mutiny) 10. a million miles (live at the mutiny) 11. thanks (live at the mutiny) 12. la duda (live at happy dog) 13. horatio alger (live at happy dog) 14. allen ginsberg (live at happy dog) 15. inheritance (live at happy dog) 16. el poder (live at happy dog) 17. el derrotismo (live at happy dog) 18. the rise and fall of (live at happy dog) 19. optimism (live at happy dog) 20. d503 (live at ice factory) 21. allen ginsberg (live at ice factory) 22. blissed (live at ice factory) 23. even moonlight (live at ice factory) 24. the rise and fall of (live at ice factory) 25. and then (live at ice factory) 26. inheritance (live at av-aerie) 27. blissed (live at av-aerie) 28. the rise and fall of (live at av-aerie) 29. promesas (live at av-aerie) 30. la duda (live at av-aerie) 31. allen ginsberg (live at av-aerie) 32. horatio alger (live at av-aerie) 33. hercules (live at av-aerie) 34. and then (live at av-aerie) 35. it’s like being there (live at av-aerie) 36. la via muerte (live at silvies) 37. la duda (live at silvies) 38. blissed (live at silvies) 39. promesas (live at silvies) 40. the rise and fall of (live at silvies) 41. allen ginsberg (live at silvies) 42. hercules (live at silvies) 43. fearless (live at silvies) 44. and then (live at silvies) 45. it’s like being there (live at silvies)

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