reid karris


reid karris is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound enthusiast and improviser hailing from chicago, illinois trying very hard to get all the music stuck in his head out for all the world to hear. after spending years as an odd guitarist trying to fit in with the world of rock music reid shifted his focus towards improvisation, noise, drone and avant-garde. his primary instruments for doing so are prepared guitar and drum kit sent through electronics. with prepared guitars he performs solo as well as in various groups including set self on fire, hkm guitar trio, the chicago scratch orchesta and coffin screws, the later consisting of himself on prepared guitars along with a revolving rhythm section usually consisting of a drummer and bassist who do not regularly play together. he also plays drums in the experimental duo step slow and works with an array of found metal percussion. in studio settings he either records albums of improvised music employing himself on prepared guitars and drums or conceptual abstract compositions.

albums from pyr
pyr272 – roots and ripples (with wilhelm matthies)
pyr218 – arbor philosophica
pyr184 – oscines et ensifera
pyr161 – flow (with wilhelm matthies)
pyr131 – lanificus
pyr118 – ambiens sonitus
pyr110 – at articular facet (with kg price)
pyr092 – creatio ex nihilo

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