pan y rosas release arde by eriza


eriza is a trio consisting of the the improvisers – tatiana castro mejía (piano), amanda irarrazabal (bass) and cecilia quinteros (cello).

mejía is a pianist from colombia who now splits her time between colombia and buenos aires where she investigates the combination of music with dance, text, narration, theater, etc. irarrazabal is from santiago de chile but is now based in buenos aires where she is a bassist, singer, improviser and composer. quinteros is originally from buenos aires and has developed her language as a self-taught improviser in argentina as well as denmark.

their first album, arde, brings together two performances – one from november of 2015 and one from june of 2016. the sound is – all parts of the cello, the bass, the piano. voice. yellow, blue, red, orange and white.

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kind words for de escamas by máquina solar!

the kindness comes from free from free jazz.

“Encontro entre a baixista chilena Amanda Irarrázabal e o guitarrista argentino Wenchi Lazo, o registro mostra um pouco da improvisação livre que vem sendo desenvolvida na América Latina. Apesar da proximidade, o intercâmbio com a música livre de nossos hermanos ainda é muito insípida, o que acaba por nos privar de projetos interessantes como este. Amanda e Lazo fizeram essa gravação em Santiago, no começo do ano. Em meio a seu dedilhado, a baixista gosta de explorar também ruidosidades vocais. Lazo, conhecido anteriormente por conta de seu trabalho no quarteto de Ada Rave, se divide entre guitarra elétrica (seu núcleo) e espanhola. No site do Pan y Rosas é possível baixar/ouvir o disco.”

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pan y rosas release de escamas by máquina solar!


máquina solar is a duo consisting of amanda irarrázabal (b. santiago, chile) on double bass and vocals and wenchi lazo (b. buenos aires, argentina) on guitars and vocals. they have been playing on and off for two years recording their first album de escamas in january of 2013. the music they play is based on free improvisations of concise and varied time lengths resulting in sounds that resemble, at times, short compositions.

their first album, de escamas, is a collection of twenty brief improvisations that were improvised and recorded in santiago, chile in january of 2013. short. noisy. dramatic. scratchy. singy.

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pan y rosas discos release al tiro by cátodo dúo!

al tiro

hey everyone, the newness is from the cátodo dúo! based in chile, the duo consists of amanda irarrázabal on double bass and ramiro molina on electric guitar. they began playing together in 2012 as a way of sharing their experiences in the field of the improvised music. built around a string concept, the duo easily moves from intense rhythmic situations to dense layers of noise. the music is totally improvised and their sound arises from treating instruments as sources of sound in every sense of the word using prepared instruments and avoiding conventional playing.

al tiro, their first album for pan y rosas discos, documents their first public performance. the sound is: chime snake swirl. metal scratch skree. quiet long note bends. physical percussion. staccato footstep notes. process vibrato. glass string flow. reverse polarities, cross streams. pierce pulse. low drone feedback string punch. objects falling down hills. black lodge bass descension glissando treble string ambiance.

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