Jefferson Park EXP with Andrea Pensado and Nicolas Tourney – November 15, 2pm

In lieu of free live shows at the neighborhood library, we’re doing free live shows via twitch! The next show is on Sunday November 15 at 2pm (CST/UTC-06), join us!

Based in the US since 2002, Pensado uses voice and electronics to make music. Max is her main tool. The programming emphasizes the mapping of synthesis parameters into performance gestures. The approach to both, programming and performance is highly intuitive. The harsh cut up noise result, mixed with the strong emotional component of her music, generates a deeply personal sonic language which inevitably gives rise to intense responses in the most diverse audiences.

Pensado performs extensively in the US and abroad. She also produces Sonorium, a series of experimental music based in Salem, MA.


Nicolas Tourney is a French experimental musician, sound designer, and owner of the label Snow in Water Records. His electronic works concern perception and act of listening, with the use of various strings, drones and noise-making devices.

andrea pensado, live!

andrea pensado, live! september 27! with shawn greenlee, morgan evans weiler, soft target and twingers! at thee eldritch, providence!


Saturday 9.27.14

from Massachusetts:

Argentinian-born digital noise virtuoso. Emotive and cathartic performances of dynamic sound, delicate to massive, articulated through gestural sensors.

Deconstructed violin and an array of natural overtones against a counterpoint of sine waves and subtle noise […] creating rich environments that convey both a motion and stillness in their perpetual variation.

with locals:

Member of Landed, formerly Pleasurehorse, debuting an all new system of instruments.

Eric Grieshaber of Kintaan & Finished. Stark synthesizer arrangements spliced with field recording and processed vocals.

North Carolina transplant Rachel Lewellen, solo saxophone composition/improvisation informed by intense physical endurance and ritual process

doors at 9, music before 10
seven dollars
intersection of Sprague & Harrison

pan y rosas release “teraz, tak!” by andrea pensado!


hey everyone, the newness is here and this time it’s from andrea pensado!

andrea pensado works with sound as a performer, composer and teacher. she has been using digital media and live interactive musical systems since 1995. she studied in argentina and poland. at first she composed mainly for acoustic instruments, however, she gradually felt more attracted by different sound realms. today, the abrasive digital noise of her improvisations is far away from her earlier pieces. harsh dense layers of sounds, often interwoven with her voice, combine hybrid synthesis and sampling techniques to create a highly personal sound language, which reflects an intuitive, emotional and paradoxically also logical approach to music making. she currently lives in the united states.

teraz, tak!, her first album for pan y rosas, begins with a solo performance by andrea and is followed by a series of duets between andrea and the musicians: walter wright, davindar singh, adriana de los santos and alexei borisov who provide additional electronics, saxophone, piano and guitar respectively.

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