pan y rosas release home by orlando!

Orlando is a musician from Campina Grande, a country town in the state of Paraíba, Brazil. He has been involved with activities related to popular music since 1995 when he began his career as an upright bassist.

Home is a sonic bricolage that Orlando recorded between January and March 2020. He used fragments from his daily life, melodic texts, domestic sounds, and an upright bass to create improvised layers sewn into noisy textures. Orlando suggests you listen to this piece through headphones.

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pan y rosas release UN by bella!

bella is a brazilian artist and musician who lives in são paulo. she attempts to erase the boundaries between sound and space with performances focused on the imperceptible movements of reality. her work is frequently interdisciplinary and collaborative.

UN is a document of a live performance from february of 2017. the sound is: water vibrates, reflected by a light. drawing image-sound contours. creating a live painting formed by sound, water and light. the interface between science and art.

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pan y rosas release makina guru by orlando!

orlando is a musician from campina grande, a country town in the state of paraíba, brazil. he has been making music since 1995.

makina guru is the first solo work of the brazilian musician orlando.

a journey through multiple sonorities. a trumpet. an electric bass and an upright bass. a ten string viola. processed and transformed. textures and noises of daily life. a fabric of sensations. a challenge of interweaving sounds. perceptions arise from the moment in which the musician lives.

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