pan y rosas release ocean of lakes by sabrina siegel, bryan day, tom djll and bob marsh!


ocean of lakes, free psychic communications in six parts. improvised and recorded in a house in richmond, california. bass guitar, kalimba, voice, invented instruments, trumpet, modular synthesizer and cello. sound slab shift. voice with controlled feedback. grain grit. string bell.

sabrina siegel – free improviser/composer/visual artist, awareness of the relationship of body/expression with nature/chance in the creation of works.

bryan day – improviser/instrument inventor/installation artist, combining elements of the natural and man-made world, parallels between patterns and systems in nature and those in society.

tom djll – develops the trumpet’s wide array of extended techniques, incorporates complex noises, grit, melodic gestures, asymmetrical formal structures, lifelong study of improvised music.

bob marsh – shaping sounds words images ideas, currently active with solo work involving violin, voice and tap shoes; cello; accordion; vibraphone; electronics.

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