pan y rosas release otra carpeta – cero = ce ro

pan y rosas is stoked to release cero = ce ro the new album from otra carpeta, a solo project of carlos edelmiro. carlos blurs the lines between composition and improvisation and focuses on introspective music created in the moment. these seven pieces feature electronics, prepared guitar, static, hiss, tape manipulations and bells. it’s a quiet soundscape populated by clanging drones, underwater gamelan, droids talking to themselves, and fields of percussion. you, of course, need this!

pan y rosas release snorkel quintet – 3

hey kids! the newness is from a barcelona based group of brain improvisers whose members include gabriel, martin and diego from etermortifera plus carlos edelmiro and oscar durán. their sounds range from freely improvised noise compositions and electro-acoustic explorations to motorik kosmische workouts.

their third release, appropriately called 3, begins with a mellow motorik groove that takes its time arriving at its center, where the quintet stretches out and conducts electro-acoustic alchemical experiments. slowly a groove returns but this time it’s more sinister, noisy and loosely held together. science fiction free music!

do you need this? most definitely! get it here.