pan y rosas release rebirth of time by darius and tramuc

2010 January Annular Solar Eclipse

darius (bass-guitar, ebow) is a musician without borders – motivated by atonal and improvised musics. he has been conducting sound experiments both in groups and solo situations since the early 90s, with the slogan capture the truth of the moment.

tramuc is an improvising duo based in hamburg who focus on instant composing and sonic research. the duo consists of pia abzieher playing keys and cello; and felix mayer playing trombone and guitar. they both also use computers and everyday objects.

the music on rebirth of time was improvised throughout 2013 with the artists sending tracks back and forth. the sound is: space tone brass echo bass noodle. key stab cluster voicing. wooze bend piano run. little object flutter percussion. midi vibes.

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