pan y rosas release self-land’s stains ii by kirill shirokov


kirill shirokov (born in 1990) is a russian composer, improviser, poet and pianist. he studied at the p.i. tchaikovsky conservatory in moscow where he studied under vladimir tarnopolski. outside of the conservatory he has studied with a variety of composers including antoine beuger and radu malfatti of the wandelweiser collective.

kirill composed self-land’s stains ii in 2013. it has been performed only once and this album is a document of that performance. it was performed by the guitarist, denis sorokin in 2016. the sound is time and silence.

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pan y rosas release florenski septets by antoine beuger!


antoine beuger is a composer and organizer born in the netherlands. one element of his work is the sound in between what’s played. space. musicality of mundane actions. everyday-ness. listen throughout your waking hours. experience. he is part of wandelweiser – which is both a performer/composer collective and a record label.

his first album for pan y rosas is florenski septets a piece for seven instruments that was performed in st. petersburg, russia on april 6, 2013. the piece was performed by: yuri akbalkan, ilia belorukov, stanislav oporkov, marina poleukhina, kirill shirokov, denis sorokin and alexey sysoev. long single tones. silence. mesh and unmesh. listen carefully.

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