alice hui-sheng chang, live!

alice hui-sheng chang, live! in an environmental performance! november 7, 2pm. truganina park, altona meadows.

The Environmental Performance Authority invites you to participate in an intimate showing of the site-specific performance Distal Fragments at Truganina Coastal Park, Altona, 2-4 pm on Friday 7th, Saturday 8th or Sunday 9th November.

This performance is a preliminary exploratory phase of the broader project, Coastal Scales: Park/Swamp/Reserve, developed by the Environmental Performance Authority in conjunction with Hobsons Bay Council, the Monash Academy of Performing Arts and the Monash Centre for Theatre and Performance. Distal Fragments consists of a two-hour guided walking performance with atmospheric interludes in various terrains among the scrub, swamp and parkland of the Truganina Coastal Park.

The aim is to provide an immersion in which audiences will be offered the opportunity to experience the environments at depth. At the end of the performance, audiences will be invited to join us for a picnic to engage in discussion about the experience, and to make written contributions and suggestions for the further development of future phases of the project.

alice hui-sheng chang, panel/performance action! november 20, 7.30pm. west space, melbourne.

Final “More Talk, Less Action” for 2014!

More Talk, Less Action began in 2013 as a series of events featuring short performances along with panel and audience discussion relating to topics of interest to cutting-edge music makers and afficionados.

So far in 2014 we have explored promoting unpopular music and asked if composition is dead in the 21st century, in so doing inciting much debate and discussion. Now our final event for 2014 is approaching …

“Improvisation: How to Win”

Thursday 20 November 2014 (7:30pm) – $10 entry – with these panellists/performers:
* Lloyd Honeybrook (Make It Up Club, Overground Festival, hate saxophonist)
* Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (experimental vocalist, teacher/workshop facilitator)
* Adam Simmons (Festival of Slow Music, teacher, saxophonist, reeds)

We will discuss: What is the purpose of improvisation? Traditionally improvisers were supposed to serve the song and the music, but is “free improv” too often a free-for-all, with the loudest and most dominating voice “winning”? What principles should a good improviser be guided by, and what bad habits should they avoid? Audience members may want to share their personal horror stories …

In addition, the panel of sage improvisers will perform Clinton Green’s game piece “Good Improv/Bad Improv” – this involves individual performers in a group receiving incompatible instructions like “be the loudest” and “follow the person on your left”, designed to explore group dynamics and create hilarity for the audience.

do it greater melbourne metropolitan area!