pan y rosas release formato inferior by eduardo f. rosario

formato inferior cover

eduardo rosario lives in san juan, puerto rico. he studied composition at the conservatory of music, puerto rico. his musical interest began with prepared/modified guitar but he now is interested in programming, found objects, and places wind and unwind. doom guitar.

formato inferior is his third album for pan y rosas. composed feedback tones. high shimmer. slow build patience. cut percussion winds and unwinds. doom guitar. grain glitch.

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pan y rosas release obsolescencia programada by eduardo rosario!


eduardo f. rosario. san juan puerto. enjoys simple things, good food, some tv shows, books on art, politics, fiction or comics. studied composition at the conservatory of music of pr. started working with a prepared/modified guitar trying to expand the instrument’s sonic palette toward something timbrically richer and less attached to its history; in the present, working with whatever’s available, including programming (pd specifically) or found objects or places.

the pieces on obsolescencia programada were recorded and assembled using a hacked toy as the main sound source, pure data for digital sound processing, and recording software for basic finalizing. improvised processes. errors were always welcome; being understood as new possible paths instead of nuisances to be corrected.

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pan y rosas release (auto/anti)nomía by eduardo f. rosario

eduardo f. rosario grew up in puerto rico’s punk scene and later discovered experimental music. he began playing a prepared and modified guitar and experimented with engineering/production as well. he is interested in the juxtaposition of time layers and parallel phenomenon as well as the paradigm between aesthetics and politics. eduardo studied musical composition at the conservatory of music of puerto rico and became a member of the multimedia project the a/v machinist collective; the ensemble in residence of the conservatory of music of puerto rico, alea 21; and composer for the upr contemporary dance group hincapié.

eduardo’s debut album, (auto/anti)autonomía, consists of three compositions that were created with found percussion, prepared/destroyed piano, tuba, trumpet, controlled feedback, circuit bent junktronics, and pedals. the sound is: loose rattle percussion. tube crash inside the piano. metal scrape construction. objects falling. electronic feedback language. long tone brass breath conversation. squelch vibrations. swarm echo. bass sweep drone. treble feedback sculptures. get it here!