kind words for rub by auris+gino!

“Gino Robair has also played with Braxton, and is a busy, noisy drummer and percussionist, here guesting with the trio Auris. All four players are credited with electronics in addition to their instruments, although I have no idea what Eric Leonardson’s ‘springboard’ is!

The track titles appear to be cryptic letters, but after listening and reconsidering I reckon they stand for either the group [A] or individuals [C = Christopher Preissing; E = Eric Leonardson; G = Gino Robair, etc.] and who they are playing with. So ‘E + G’ is Eric Leonardson in duet with Gino Robair. There’s a suggestion that Robair has been invited along as a newcomer to ‘alter the landscape’, but to these ears he fits right in.

Electronics give an unworldly edge to all of these tracks: this really is a new world, one made with howls, textures, honks, drones and alien textures, where it is rare to be able to attach an instrument’s name to the sounds being produced. (Drums, at times, being the one exception). The music is hesitant yet aggressive, full of rhythmic pulses and urgent morse-like messages, metallic sustain and high pitched tones. An alien landscape if one wants to pursue the landscape metaphor, a world sculpted with noise and sound, a conversation between the organic and it’s treated digital self. This music is both exciting and challenging.”

etermortifera, live! saturday, october 22.

if you happen to be in barcelona this weekend make sure to check out etermortifera! here are the details courtesy of gabriel –

Improvisación i experimentación electro-acústica

Gran Festa de Tardo / RIBERMUSICA 2011

Disabte 22 de octubre 2011. 21:45h


ART-MIRALL / Laboratori de Creació (
La Justa Entropia (

Nos vemos!!

Gabriel Millán



Experimentation and electro-acoustic improvisation

Great Afternoon Festival / Ribermúsica 2011

Saturday 22 October 2011. 21:45 pm


Organized by:
ART-MIRALL / Laboratori de Creació (
La Justa Entropia (

See you!

Gabriel Millan


pyr discos release barriere, garcía, gris – chamber music

the new release from pan y rosas is from a new trio of sound artists, manipulators, mathemeticians, improvisers, musicians, etc. the trio consists of members lali barriere, miguel garcía and tomas gris who regularly perform as solo artists as well as in various group formations.

lali barriere plays amplified objects, cracklebox, guitaret, flute, keyboard, etc. he’s a mathemetician in his spare time and is known to work with pure data and field recordings. soundworker miguel garcía plays in the group, cooloola monster, creates abstract sound pieces using electronics and no-input mixer. he also runs a netlabel and curates the zarata fest (celebrating strange/unique music). tomas gris is something of an enigma. an improviser, electro-acoustic musician, etc. he tends to experiment with prepared turntables, mixers and contact microphones.

chamber music is their first album in this configuration and it’s a brief electro-acoustic affair that was captured live in february of 2011 at the ARPhouse in madrid. amplified objects and electronics were their chosen instruments this time around. the sound is something like bowed metal, electric hum, squeal and squelch. fractured percussions with low rumbles and fluttering squeaks. droning tones while construction labors away underneath it all. wheels and gears. voices in the dark. clicks and pops. atmospheric radio signals, clouds roll in. ambiguity.

pan y rosas release otra carpeta – cero = ce ro

pan y rosas is stoked to release cero = ce ro the new album from otra carpeta, a solo project of carlos edelmiro. carlos blurs the lines between composition and improvisation and focuses on introspective music created in the moment. these seven pieces feature electronics, prepared guitar, static, hiss, tape manipulations and bells. it’s a quiet soundscape populated by clanging drones, underwater gamelan, droids talking to themselves, and fields of percussion. you, of course, need this!

pan y rosas release snorkel quintet – 3

hey kids! the newness is from a barcelona based group of brain improvisers whose members include gabriel, martin and diego from etermortifera plus carlos edelmiro and oscar durán. their sounds range from freely improvised noise compositions and electro-acoustic explorations to motorik kosmische workouts.

their third release, appropriately called 3, begins with a mellow motorik groove that takes its time arriving at its center, where the quintet stretches out and conducts electro-acoustic alchemical experiments. slowly a groove returns but this time it’s more sinister, noisy and loosely held together. science fiction free music!

do you need this? most definitely! get it here.

pan y rosas release summerTales – recordings


ladies and gentlemen… pan y rosas has gone international! the newest member of pan y rosas comes all the way from italy. summerTales is an experimental, electro acoustic duo who abuse and elevate old turntables, effects pedals, casios and toy instruments into a new sonic world of their own design. they describe themselves as being influenced by philip jeck, william basinki, cLOUDDEAD, alessendro cipriani, christian marclay, the conet project, etc. maybe that helps to explain where they are coming from. their debut album recordings is a work of beauty! check it out now!

pan y rosas release [ROOM] – discography


the newest of the new is that [room] just allowed pyr discos to release its entire discography! how righteous is that! two full length albums that will blow yr mind and make ya learn something. bend spindle mutilate repeat is more electro acoustic industrial in the vein of still life still. spaces finds [room] rocking a guitar as the primary ingredient. download both albums now!