pan y rosas release snorkel quintet – 3

hey kids! the newness is from a barcelona based group of brain improvisers whose members include gabriel, martin and diego from etermortifera plus carlos edelmiro and oscar durán. their sounds range from freely improvised noise compositions and electro-acoustic explorations to motorik kosmische workouts.

their third release, appropriately called 3, begins with a mellow motorik groove that takes its time arriving at its center, where the quintet stretches out and conducts electro-acoustic alchemical experiments. slowly a groove returns but this time it’s more sinister, noisy and loosely held together. science fiction free music!

do you need this? most definitely! get it here.

pan y rosas release etermortifera – quebranto!

we are super excited to announce the newest release from etermortifera, the newest addition to the pan y rosas family! etermortifera is an experimental group from barcelona who straddle the line between improvisation and composition, letting the music flow and allowing vocals to emerge as necessary. their new album quebranto is a quiet and moody affair, all subdued noise and melody. check it out now!

we are equally excited that this is a co-release with the amazing doministiku netlabel – run by pyr fave miguel garcia!