pan y rosas release last king of poland – hymn

hey everyone! we at pyr are excited to release an album from right here in chicago – hymn by last king of poland, aka tomasz jurczak.

tomasz began making music within the 8-bit/chiptune genre before moving into the world of harsh noise and ambient in 2007. he primarily uses a large pedalboard to manipulate feedback and voice as well as various noisemakers and synths. he tries to create a noise music that produces an emotional response in contrast to what he feels is the modern paradigm of drinking beer and turning a knob.

to this end his new album hymn is a quiet piece of time-lag minimalism for voice and two pedals. pulsing tones that drift in and out of phase and noises that float over drones of wordless vocalizations. meditative, introspective, and pretty. challenging without damaging your ears. get it here.