pan y rosas release january light by ce françois couture and aubert couture!

january light

ce françois couture is an experimental musician, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist. he plays in la forêt rouge, square/sine, and rbc, and will release his debut as a “songwriter” in 2016. aubert couture is his 13-year-old son, a non-musician with a keen ear for free improvisation.

as the new year set in and the new year’s eve libations faded out, i sat down in the studio with my son aubert to record sounds using five cymbals overturned on the concrete floor. instead of material for future sound sampling, what emerged was an unexpectedly deep-running four-handed free improvisation. please listen on headphones at moderate volume – you should feel like you’re sitting on the studio floor with us.

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pan y rosas release the bridge ep by hervé perez and andré darius!

ep2 cover bridge encore

hervé perez is an improviser, sound and visual artist, who performs spontaneous compositions with saxophones and laptop, using processed field recordings. his work is influenced by practices such as jazz, electro-acoustic, contemporary music, experimental electronics, free improvisation, immersive sound art and ancient techniques of sound therapy alike.

andré darius is a musician without borders – motivated by atonal and improvised musics. he has been conducting sound experiments both in groups and solo situations since the early 90s, with the slogan capture the truth of the moment. his playing is catharsis, the expression of an introspection continually renewed in which he reveals himself to listeners without pretense or artifice.

the bridge ep consists of three pieces. electric bass, eub, objects, voices, saxophone, drums, field recordings, processing. designed sound. building bridges. water. portrait. shore. fog.

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pan y rosas release nununu by clara de asís!


clara de asís was born in 1988 in spain and now lives in marseille, france. she’s an electroacoustic music composer and an experimental guitarist. she explores two aspects of sound art: electroacoustic composition in the studio, and live improvised music on prepared guitar, which allows her to develop a sensitive and experimental practice of the instrument.

nununu is the documentation of an improvisation on prepared guitar that de asís created in january 2015 at a home studio in marseille (france). she applied different objects to her guitar in order to generate a variety of sounds and her physical gestures created specific sonic results. …to reach a continuity of the sound. …the notion of space and sound sculpture. …the room, the space affecting the sound.

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pan y rosas release nothing new by ant dickinson!

Nothing New Art

ant is a north wales based musician, sound designer, recorder and technologist. he works with unconventional instrumentation and digital processes integrating elements of improvisation and indeterminism.

nothing new is the result of improvisations conducted on a piano left to rot in a field throughout 2012 and 2013. each time ant went to play the piano it was a different instrument. the piano was documented in all conditions – sun, rain, snow. the piece piano duet 2 is a duet between a piano dropped from a forklift and a grand piano.

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pan y rosas releases drank viva bloom i by dave gabriel!


pan y rosas releases drank viva bloom i by dave gabriel!

dave gabriel is a person who is associated with ombrelli sciolti and the band imelda marcos. he resides in chicago. improviser. string mangler. etc.
his first solo album for pan y rosas is a collection of eleven improvised piano pieces. some are the insides. some are the outsides. they were made using his mother’s piano.

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