pan y rosas release – rodototoed

hey kids! are you ready? are you ready to get yr psych on again? are you ready to get yr minds blown by space streaking kosmische magic? pan y rosas discos has what you need! relatos de poder the new album from mexico city’s free psych improv trio, rodototoed. two tracks recorded live at the moment of spontaneous creation. mellow cacopohony of swirl and drone blasted out by guitar, bass and drums. the soundtrack to departing this universe. check it out!

pan y rosas release cooloola monster – wavund


friends and neighbors! the newest album from pan y rosas is from the spanish free-dada improvised noise experimentnik duo cooloola monster. their new album wavund is a revelatory study in interstellar interplay that focuses on the psychic conversations that two musicians can achieve. the sound is a celebration of minimalist noise, microsound, and drone. you have no choice but to check this out now!

pan y rosas release keji al feju – these warm patterns of naked stars


it’s spring again. and of course that means psych rock! and pan y rosas is happy to provide you with yr springtime dose of it. keji al feju was a brief experiment in free psych and improvised noise in the kosmik music stylee. members of the rories, piss piss piss moan moan moan and eskapulario all teamed up to unleash their version of commune skree. these warm patterns of naked stars is the first release in the series the keji al feju tapes. check this out now!

pan y rosas release the rories – defeat the hydra


here it is! defeat the hydra, the newest and final album by the rories! improvised noise mayhem! prog flirtation! sassy political beats! this is the culmination of ten years of constant musical evolution. where were you ten years ago? and where will you be ten years from now? download it now and think of the possibilities.