pan y rosas release follow lonely roads by last king of poland

the newest from pan y rosas is follow lonely roads by last king of poland, who describes it as a piece about alienation. using a vocal processor and a loop pedal, lkop transforms his voice and the feedback generated within the recording space into machine drone loops that give way to echo chamber chorus and lonely droid bird cries. throughout the piece satellites return from deep space in search of communion; pulsing swirls throb and fade; and low tone monastery ambiance counts the ebb and flow of breaths. check it out here.

last king of poland’s preemptive best of 2012

hey everyone. pan y rosas was late to the traditional end of the year best of list party, so instead here are some things that pyr artists are looking forward to in 2012!

next up: tomasz jurczak, aka: last king of poland

the band I’m in Daimon’s first record “Fuck You, We’re Daimon”

the new Black Dice album

the new Health album

the new Fuck Buttons album

im also looking forward to the Greenwood/Penderecki album because I love the soundtrack to There Will Be Blood.

The new LIARS album is being recorded I really hope it comes out because I love everything they do.

last king of poland – monstrosity of christ

hey everyone. last king of poland self-released a new album, monstrosity of christ. twenty minutes of massive delay minimal noise. sounds from inside the haunted landscape of yr mind. check it out!

last king of poland live at enemy

just a reminder that last king of poland will be playing tomorrow night, nov 18, at enemy in chicago. also playing – minnow, plastic boner band, and life on mercury with nicole miller performing a fast death in slow motion. show starts at 9pm. do it!

enemy is located at 1550 n milwaukee, 3rd floor.