lauren redhead, live!

lauren redhead, live! with alistair zaldua! 3.30 pm, saturday, november 1, di_stanze at leeds!

“This programme showcases some of the recent developments for the combination of organ+electronics, including networked performance, live electronics, and the combination of organ+voice. It also showcases some collaborations between Lauren Redhead and composers with a link to Leeds, her interest in open notation and her duo with electronics performer Alistair Zaldua.”


lauren redhead, live!

lauren redhead, live! october 12! 16.30 at st laurence church, catford, london! free! do it, do it!

organ and electronics action! works by Mic Spencer (Biroc T), Marcello Messina, and R. Armstrong and a performance of Gino Robair’s open notation opera including guest performers Alistair Zaldua (live electronics) and Charles Celeste Hutchins (live analogue synthesis)!

info here!

kind words for entoptic landscape by lauren redhead!

The netlabel Pan y Rosas always puts out quality work, however, the releases of late have been exceptional. Lauren Redhead’s Entopic Landcape is one of these noteworthy releases. Redhead, an experimental organ performer as well as composer and university lecturer, released a work using an organ, a trombone, tubas and recordings that combines experimental music with drones and improvisation. The description I just wrote hints at a piece of discombobulated noise. I assure you that is not the case. There is much calmness to Entopic Landscape and Redhead’s open notation compositions allow the musicians to add a slight ripple that reveals a multitude of sound underneath.

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