pan y rosas release le fils de la prophétesse by bristophe!


bristophe is brice catherin and christophe schweizer.

they play instruments like: cello, trombone, a bit of electronics, maybe some tuba, a touch of clarinet, plus e.g. recorder and other flutes, double bass, alpine horn, voice, bird calls, a few toys, and whatever else they come across that might produce some type of sound.

they improvise.

they are half swiss living in hamburg (germany), half french living in geneva (switzerland).

occasionally both halves meet in one place, and that’s when sound happens.

their first album for pyr, le fils de la prophétesse is a two disc set that clocks in at over two hours. the first disc contains almost sixty miniature improvisations the create a whole. the second disc is more long-form, but the two relate as one.

get the album here!