pan y rosas double release! DAJE by DAJE and zieht das kind an sich by wozzeck!

DAJE is a solo project of leonardo belardinelli, who would like to sleep forever and ever. (he also provided the drums for the album I by exercise).


the wozzeck project started in september of 2007 as a free-jazz, noise and ambient-drone ensemble with primary members ilia belorukov and mikhail ershov. currenty the project work both as a trio and as a duo. in duo form belorukov and ershov are transitioning towards improvised electroacoustic and noise music.


both albums are noisey. both albums are quiet-ish. both albums are compositionally inclined. daje is a single – three songs in about seven minutes. zieht das kind an sich also contains three songs, but runs about twenty five minutes – more of an e.p. controlled feedback. no input mixers. voices. rattling. etc.

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pan y rosas release I by exercise

exercise is a collaboration between leonardo amico and leonardo belardinelli. leonardo amico is a laptop noise improviser with combustione & liberazione and runs the zine/music label orgonomy records. leonardo belardinelli is a former guitarist of the black metal band visceral delirium.

on their first album for pan y rosas, amico and belardinelli recorded a live improvisation session with a guitar and drums. the guitar was later removed, leaving only the drums. leonardo amico then used a laptop to process the drums live. the result is two long tracks of free drumming moving in a stream of consciousness loose narrative flow. sparse high-pitch microbeats and subtle sounds furiously torn into pieces. distorted, multi-toned, multi-layered, spun in every direction.

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