piss piss piss moan moan moan at mortville!

the details: saturday july 2 at 9pm. mortville. chicago.

mannequin men
close hits
piss piss piss moan moan moan
outer minds
static swamp

even better – footage (of the bands, not your ugly mug) will be captured for an eventual chicago version of the music documentary echotone. to find out more about the project, go to http://echotonefilm.com/ and watch the trailer.

moonrises and running together again!

moonrises, a project featuring plastic crimewave, is playing a show at mortville this friday, may 6th. they just returned from a tour and are rumored to be super tight! also on the bill are, running (featuring alex of piss piss piss moan moan moan), lechuguillas, la armada and broken water. the show starts at 9pm. be there!

nicole miller (piss piss piss moan moan moan) playing with cmota,nd

pppmmm’s nicole will be playing theremin with cmota,nd (the following folks): Kendra Calhoun (vocals/guitar) Jillian Musielak (drums/bird flute) Ike Floor (vocals/violin) Marcus Kirby (guitar) Justin Cheng (bass) Lara Bourbon (saw) Luke Wolever (drums) Brooks Johnson (drums) Jon Ziemba (drums) Joe Dummitt (trumpet/accordian). the show goes down at mortville on wed december 29th.

black math shows


black math is rocking some shows: a free show on 8/21/09 at cole’s (2338 n milwaukee, right here in chicago) starts at 9.30pm; another free show at permanent records on 8/30/09 with the vivian girls (1914 w chicago) that starts at 6pm; and on 9/26/09 at mortville (2105 s kedzie, third floor) they will be rocking along with piss piss piss moan moan moan (show starts at 9pm). if you have a chance, check them out!