kind words for nombradía pt 1: en desuso by román ramón!


the kindness comes from david nemeth over at acts of silence:

Googling for information about this trio (Agnès Pe, Po Poy, and Lucía C. Pino) brings up basically nothing other than some incredibly interesting music and videos. Nombradía Pt 1: En Disuse is an album that reviewers should be crowing about — a short ten-song EP of collage music at its finest. Track after track, Román Ramón give us snippets of chaotic sound that become ear candy for the brain, a resonant construct of everything.

read the whole thing here. and get the album here.

pan y rosas discos release nombradía pt.1: en desuso by román ramón!


happy new year to those on the gregorian calendar! to start 2012 off, the newness comes from the trio román ramón. the group consists of agnès pe, po poy and lucía c. pino, who have backgrounds in both the plastic and sonic art worlds and who collaborate long-distance stylee and in person whenever the opportunity arises. their primary instrument is a computer that they use to manipulate recordings of them creating other sounds as well as field recordings. they then modify the recordings with simple programming.

their first album for pyr, nombradía pt.1: en desuso, is approximately fifteen minutes of structured sample manipulations and raw electronics. a sort of travelogue. noise over background of real life. electronics blip by. pleasant strum guitar. throat singing carnival. tap. reed stream glitch. mescalin mix growl beats. organ stab reverb. sampladelics. heaven vocals. get it here!