live pyr roundup!

all yr live action!

tuesday april 24th. chicago. museum of contemporary art. 6.30pm. plastic crimewave vision celestial guitarkestra! details from sir pcw:

OK kids, TOMORROW/Tuesday is the Plastic Crimewave Vision Celestial Guitarkestra at the MCA at 6:30pm, come down by 6pm and bring a guitar or similar instrument and ecstatically rock the place w/a fearsome communal band including members of ONO, Strychnine, Panicsville, White/Light, Magic Key/Aleks and the Drummer, Moonrises, Pisspisspissmoanmoanmoan/Running, etc…you can pad your “CV” w/MCA concert experience or just get lost in the “E” chord cosmic ceremony…come one come all, and tell yer friends!

wednesday april 25th. chicago. empty bottle. 9.30pm. piss piss piss moan moan moan! also playing – spanyurd and pontiak.

thursday april 26th. buenos aires. virasoro bar. 21.30pm. ada rave quartet!

plastic crimewave action

hey east coast, look out for the moonrises (plastic crimewave) tour! dates courtesy of sir plastic crimewave.

Sat. April 7–Cleveland, Now That’s Class, with Terminal Lovers, Organs, and Dream Beings (Damon of Puffy Areolas)
Sun. April 8–Pittsburgh, Cafe Fe’
Mon. April 9–New Haven, 756 Chapel
Tues. Apr. 10–Boston
Wed. April 11–Brooklyn, Public Assembly, with Man Forever, Gary Higgins and Pterodactyl.
Thurs. April 12–Philadelphia, JRs
Fri. April 13–Oberlin (hopefully)

plastic crimewave’s preemptive best of 2012!

hey everyone. pan y rosas was late to the traditional end of the year best of list party, so instead here are some things that pyr artists are looking forward to in 2012!

next up: steve krakow, plastic crimewave, of plastic crimewave sound, moonrises, solar fox, etc. who says yeah fuck those end of the year best of lists anyhow..

1. releasing simply saucer “saucerland” lp of sweet vintage material on my new galactic archive imprint w/logan hardware.
2. moonrises spring tours (east coast and hopefully the south a bit too)
3. trying to have another million tongues festival in fall.
4. possible europe tour and festival in uk in july.
5. release of sandy bull “live w/the rhythm ace” lp on gzdisk/drag city in march–amazing rare soundboard recording of the oud master!
6. galactic zoo dossier #9 hits in spring!
7. the end of civilization.
8. release of plastic crimewave sound/djin aquarian “save the world” lp on prophase recs.
9. trying to watch every spaghetti western ever made.
10.the rories global reunion tour.

plastic crimewave roundup!

this just in from always busy sir plastic crimewave hisself!

The “classic line-up” of Plastic Crimewave Sound, including Nick D’vyne, Mark Lux and Andy Ortmann will be playing with one of my favorite bands of all time! Yes, on Dec. 7 at Empty Bottle we will be opening for Rocket From The Tombs–the proto-punk, pre-Pere Ubu/Dead Boys group featuring David Thomas and Cheetah Chrome, not to mention Richard LLoyd of Televsion filling in for the late mad genius Peter Laughner. Pinch ME!!!!!!! Unbelievably stoked.

also, his project, solar fox, will be playing cosmic kosmische in front of nasa footage along with cinchel at saki in logan square (chicago) on friday, dec 16.

plastic crimewave heads up

friday october 7. 9pm at enemy (chicago) pcw’s space-ambient duo, solar fox, is opening for matchess, ryley walker and the fabulous heavy psych guitar god shinji masuko, who played in the boredoms and dmbq.

10/10–Djin Aquarian/Plastic Crimewave and the Everafter. Oakland show w/Djin Aquarian, Janina Angel Bath and Cansafis Foote
10/15–Djin Aquarian/Plastic Crimewave and the Everafter. LA show w/Djin Aquarian and Michael Yonkers @ HM157
10/21–Moonrises @ Casa Donde w/Running
10/26–Moonrises in Madison w/Spires and Spiral Joy Band
10/27–Moonrises in MN w/Michael Yonkers
10/28–Moonrises in Iowa City

found sound chicago!

if you happen to be in chicago on saturday, august 13 you should check out the found sound festival. it’s free. it’s weirdo/avant/experimental music. it’s all over ukranian village and west town. and it’s intimate! porches. shopping carts. record stores. back yards. check it out! plus, piss piss piss moan moan moan and plastic crimewave are playing as part of the festival. plastic crimewave plays a porch and kicks the whole festival off at 1pm. and pppmmm play at permanent records at 5pm. do it! get the pdf map here:

plastic crimewave fundraiser


this just in from mr. pcw himself!

I have just set up a project on Kickstarter (fund-raising site for artistic projects) to help with my UK/European tour/interview quest, and I am offering some premiums of rare goods/personalized gifts to any who donate! So PLEASE forward this link to anyone who might be interested in helping this poor artist’s cause (and who might want said gifts for donating):

Some details:
I am building my first European tour and series of UK rock legend interviews around a festival I’m playing in Poole, Dorset. My ticket is booked for the festival June 17-21, but my band and I will need to take a costly overnight ferry to the Netherlands, as well as buses and trains to venues and the UK interviews in Twickenham, Nottingham, Brighton, and London; the Chunnel to Toulouse and Paris, France to play few more gigs before returning to Chicago. The kickstarter goal will still not cover all the tour/journey costs, but will be a great help.Accompanying musicians (and interview aids) on the tour will be Libby Ramer on keys, who plays in both Moonrises and Solar Fox with me, and ace guitarist Nathan M. Dodge of Indiana desert-psych jammers Black Wyrm Seed.
Interviews are planned for my Drag City-published magazine, The Galactic Zoo Dossier with two of my biggest heroes, “The God of Hellfire” Arthur Brown (whose album is the namesake of my magazine) and legendary UK proto-punk bandleader Edgar Broughton. I will also be interviewing original Fairport Convention singer Judy Dyble, influential folk-god Martin Carthy, and Floris Kolvenbach of Dutch psychsters Mother’s Love/The Dream. These in-person interviews are the opportunity of this scribe’s lifetime.

moonrises and running together again!

moonrises, a project featuring plastic crimewave, is playing a show at mortville this friday, may 6th. they just returned from a tour and are rumored to be super tight! also on the bill are, running (featuring alex of piss piss piss moan moan moan), lechuguillas, la armada and broken water. the show starts at 9pm. be there!

plastic crimewave related news

plastic crimewave sound related project moonrises will be rocking a show at the empty bottle on january 24th along with mr. 666 and a special secret act!

additional side project solar fox has live tracks from their coach house session up now at check out their cosmic ambient sounds!