pan y rosas discos release una puerta roja… by resistencia chaco

resistencia chaco is a project led by the argentine drummer augusto urbini. part free jazz, part metal, part prog – the group started as a quartet in 2009 with urbini, pablo puntoriero, ada rave and franco fontanarrosa. in 2010 mu sánchez joined the group on guitar. the group was born out of the necessity to resist everyday reality, existential pressures and oppressors. their inspiration comes from experimental metal, noise, fernando pessoa, and disturbance theory.

on their debut album heavy prog riffs break down into freely improvised explorations, sax skronk noodles, extended guitar techniques, rising into ecstatic energy music blasts before returning to the tech prog composition action. this progaliciousness lies somewhere in the cheer-accident, luttenbachers, zorn continuum. get it here.

pan y rosas release the rories – defeat the hydra


here it is! defeat the hydra, the newest and final album by the rories! improvised noise mayhem! prog flirtation! sassy political beats! this is the culmination of ten years of constant musical evolution. where were you ten years ago? and where will you be ten years from now? download it now and think of the possibilities.