kind words for cucharas de arena by canned fit!


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Another female artist making ripples is Austrian installation artist Christine Schörkhuber, known for recording purposes as Canned Fit. Her latest album on pan y rosas discos is a prime example of the type of vocal album ACL does cover, in that the lyrics take a back seat to the music and manner of delivery. This is the sort of shot in the arm that could revolutionize the airwaves, if only anyone would listen. Cucharas de arena is an intelligent, experimental set, marked by questions of how a lyric should be delivered, as well as why. While less accessible than Golden Disko Ship, Canned Fit still leaves the windows open for listeners to come in. The whispery, percussive “circling in a square” makes a memorable impression, as do the horse trots, footsteps and deep breaths of “rosia montana.” By the time the bass checks in, the listener is mesmerized. When metal sheets and sand can be used as percussion, who needs drums?

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kind words for breathing through wires by iris garrelfs!

Iris Garrelfs at the Barbican

the kindness comes from acts of silence.

Vocal experimental music has a bad rap due to the proliferation of blokes screaming into microphones while being covered in chocolate syrup. Garrelfs’ work is striking contrast to the aforementioned bellowing and posturing. The first time I listened to Breathing Through Wires, I throughout the stage was filled with people working in concert to produce this fluent sound. I was wrong. Using her own vocals and maybe some other sounds, Garrelfs creates a phonic tapestry of loops upon layers to make a re-stylization of choral works.

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kind words for nothing new by ant dickinson!

the kindness comes from netlabelism!

Nothing New Art

There’s no way around it: pianos were harmed in the making of this music. There are four tracks that form the core of “Nothing New” that were played on a piano that spent many months out in a field near Llangollen, Wales. Unprotected and exposed to the elements (heavy rains, snow, large temperature swings), the piano suffered an inevitable breakdown. Dickinson visited regularly and improvised music on the piano in whatever condition it was found.

This is not, however, just a collection of aimless abstract noise. He does great job finding a way to play the piano in its diminishing condition, pulling together interesting tracks that are challenging but with accessible underlying elements and melodies. You can feel badly for the piano that gave its all for these songs, but you will hear that it was for a noble cause.

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kind words for palimpsest by adriano orrù!

3 CD Palimpsest 2014 WEB Edition MidRes RGB

kind words for palimpsest by adriano orrù! in italian and poetic no less!

Sperimentazione rarefatta quella di “Palimpsest”.

Raccolta di pregevoli duetti strutturati tramite web dal bassista/contrabbassista sardo Adriano Orrù.

Tenui e bizzarri passaggi strumentali, ispirati e leggeri, che s’adombrano come soundtrack per ampi spazi deserti, talvolta ticchettanti di febbre al neon in stanza chiusa, rimbalzanti in deriva post e disposti in tenuta cameristica.

Ci son raccoglimento e istanti di sensuale incrocio elettroacustico, fra i glissandi e gli armonici di Orrù e gli interventi degli amici coinvolti (il piano e il toy piano di Silvia Corda, i fiati del portoghese Paulo Chagas, le percussioni e l’elettronica di Mauro Sambo).

C’è volontà di una ricerca oltre genere, fascinosa e calibrata, curiosa, bambina e imbronciata senza eccesso.

Un cane abbaia in lontananza mentre procedo nell’ascolto, un caldo e immobile silenzio lento si stringe tutt’attorno.

kind words courtesy of kathodik.

kind words for entoptic landscape by lauren redhead!

The netlabel Pan y Rosas always puts out quality work, however, the releases of late have been exceptional. Lauren Redhead’s Entopic Landcape is one of these noteworthy releases. Redhead, an experimental organ performer as well as composer and university lecturer, released a work using an organ, a trombone, tubas and recordings that combines experimental music with drones and improvisation. The description I just wrote hints at a piece of discombobulated noise. I assure you that is not the case. There is much calmness to Entopic Landscape and Redhead’s open notation compositions allow the musicians to add a slight ripple that reveals a multitude of sound underneath.

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kind words for “articular facet 5.3” by jim baker and sarah j. ritch!

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On this quiet album, Jim Baker on modular synth and Sarah Ritch on cello, guitar and electronics, create a sonic environment with minor changes from a long horizontally developing tonal texture. The effect is mesmerising at times, with repetitive loops and sudden ‘surprise skree’, one of the appropriate tag lines that Sarah Ritch gives to her music, together with ‘modern scratch, mechanical wood, tone bits, crushed fragments and atlantis shred’. Despite these names, the music is relatively accessible, and of a dark monotony.

kind words for java improvs by philip corner!

the kindness comes from the wire!

To get a more complete sense of Corner’s experiences in the Far East, however, the Pana Y Rosas website offers the Java Improvs as three sets of downloads recorded in Surakarta and Jakarta between April 1996 and May 1997. Although roughly contemporaneous with Two In Thailand, these are far more relaxed and exploratory sessions with local musicians – from the gently informal collaborations with percussionist Yasudah using homemade instruments and kitchen utensils to the intense vocalizing experiments with singer and dancer Restu Kusumaningrum. There’s more than three hours of material in these boxes; once again Corner lets the microphones pick up everything that happens and accepts it as part of the performance. Captured here is the whirring of night insects, the voices of performers winding down from a session just before the recording device is switched off, the sounds of water running, and a sudden downpour of rain.

“We are looking back at, and longing forward to, a world of artistic cooperations without artificial boundaries,” Corner said of his time with Fluxus. Even as a name it could perhaps only ever be a starting point, as his remarkably wide-ranging travels would indicate.

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kind words for yomi l’oscura terra dei morti by ?alos!

from incendiary mag.

There’s something incredibly exciting when music is approached in a manner, or with an ambition that you hadn’t really been able to figure out before: this is one of those strange results where there’s an element that sounds fresh and original, despite the fact that serious types indulging in recording industrial noises and whipping guitar samples within an inch of their life are a pound to a penny these days. Maybe it just goes to show that there’s a hell of a lot more in your sensory armoury than gets tested.

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