pan y rosas release drank viva bloom ii by dave gabriel!

dave gabriel is a person who is associated with ombrelli sciolti and imelda marcos. he resides in chicago.

drank viva bloom ii, dave gabriel’s second release for the pan y rosas discos label, is grindcore-length faux-avantesque music for the short attention span embracing millenial era. longer than an episode of aqua teen, shorter than an episode of seinfeld.

get the album here!

pan y rosas october release – sky event!

it’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. the newest release from pan y rosas discos is the skronk drone duo, sky event. using a cello, guitar and little instruments this improvising chicago group creates a joyous noise of microsound scrape and swirling strings. the two members are inspired by modern out composition and contemporary chicago creative music. submit and check out their self-titled debut now!