pan y rosas release the bridge ep by hervé perez and andré darius!

ep2 cover bridge encore

hervé perez is an improviser, sound and visual artist, who performs spontaneous compositions with saxophones and laptop, using processed field recordings. his work is influenced by practices such as jazz, electro-acoustic, contemporary music, experimental electronics, free improvisation, immersive sound art and ancient techniques of sound therapy alike.

andré darius is a musician without borders – motivated by atonal and improvised musics. he has been conducting sound experiments both in groups and solo situations since the early 90s, with the slogan capture the truth of the moment. his playing is catharsis, the expression of an introspection continually renewed in which he reveals himself to listeners without pretense or artifice.

the bridge ep consists of three pieces. electric bass, eub, objects, voices, saxophone, drums, field recordings, processing. designed sound. building bridges. water. portrait. shore. fog.

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