pan y rosas release improvisations and overlays for prepared guitar by j moss


j moss makes diy recordings in a variety of styles. he runs the radically inclusive music blog the modern folk music of america. he lives in portland, oregon.

his first album for pyr consists of two overlays and two improvisations performed on a prepared and standard acoustic guitar tuned to open E at a frequency of 432 hz.

get the album here!

kind words for nununu by clara de asís!


kind words for nununu by clara de asís from the modern folk music of america.

clara de asis’ ‘nununu’ is a long form improvisation on prepared guitar, more accurately described, probably, as a sound sculpture than as a song.

recorded in a home studio in france ‘with no interventions’ other than panning the left and right channels, it is a spatial listening experience and the artist recommends using good stereo reproduction equipment. after listening to it, i’d say it’s worth it to sit down with it and plug it in to your system if you have the chance!

get the album here!