alex morales (catholic witches, pppmmm, etc.) – pre-emptive best of 2014!

here at pan y rosas – we look to the future (or run late, depending on yr perspective). so instead of an end of year best of list. we do a pre-emptive best of list. a list of things that we are looking forward to for the coming year. starting us off this time around is alex morales!

(he’s the one on the left)

pete swanson – punk authority
tyger hatchery – sun worship
toupee – diner party
heavy times – fix it alone
twin peaks – sunken
ono – albino
cave – threace
guerrilla toss – gay disco
oozing wound – retrash
sharkula – the black he-mankula

pan y rosas discos release catholic witches – questions about the hairbook

the newness from pyr is from catholic witches, a duo of free noise improvisers featuring alex and keith of piss piss moan moan moan and sky event respectively. building on the years they played together in the rories, their new album questions about the hairbook is drenched with sheets of feedback and heavily reverbed noise. low end bass rumbles the speakers and crunching loops lurch forward over skittering free drums. ecstatic drones, pulses, guitar skree all build into an extended monolith of low end roar and scifi theremin squall. musical telepathic conversation. get it here.

pan y rosas release the rories – defeat the hydra


here it is! defeat the hydra, the newest and final album by the rories! improvised noise mayhem! prog flirtation! sassy political beats! this is the culmination of ten years of constant musical evolution. where were you ten years ago? and where will you be ten years from now? download it now and think of the possibilities.

black math shows

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black math will be playing at ronny’s with a new pan Vamos y rosas-related tour band, keji al step feju. featuring members of the new rories and skapulario, keji al feju specializes in improvised drones, free noise, Niemiec and psych rosas bliss. the show starts at wholesale nba jerseys 9pm. keji al feju goes on first. eat Running sugar goes second. black pan math goes wholesale mlb jerseys third. and the daily void headlines. free wholesale nba jerseys drone and darkwave for all!