pan y rosas release mmlkop by last king of poland!


last king of poland is a solo experimental/noise project from tomasz jurczak. tomas started out in the chiptune/gameboy scene, moved towards harsh noise/ambient and began making music under the last king of poland moniker in 2007. his main instruments consist of a large pedalboard used for feedback as well as various noisemakers/synths.

his fourth album for pan y rosas is a 2011 collaboration with cujo bourbon that was thought to be lost but ended up being excavated from a hard drive. lo. wipe. dirt drone. garagetronic reverb swell. buzz and howl. beat crunch. manufacture. robot factory in an asteroid in trans-neptunian orbit. crunching bits. get it here!

last king of poland’s preemptive best of 2012

hey everyone. pan y rosas was late to the traditional end of the year best of list party, so instead here are some things that pyr artists are looking forward to in 2012!

next up: tomasz jurczak, aka: last king of poland

the band I’m in Daimon’s first record “Fuck You, We’re Daimon”

the new Black Dice album

the new Health album

the new Fuck Buttons album

im also looking forward to the Greenwood/Penderecki album because I love the soundtrack to There Will Be Blood.

The new LIARS album is being recorded I really hope it comes out because I love everything they do.

last king of poland – monstrosity of christ

hey everyone. last king of poland self-released a new album, monstrosity of christ. twenty minutes of massive delay minimal noise. sounds from inside the haunted landscape of yr mind. check it out!

pan y rosas release weeping, by last king of poland

pan y rosas is happy to present weeping, the newest work from experimental/noise artist last king of poland. it’s a two track, half hour work of release recorded after hours in the fantastic acoustic environment of a racquetball court. tomasz used two vocal contact mics to capture the sound vibrations of his voice and body and run them through a series of pedals and oscillators. the result is a minimal world of motion where raw electricity buzzes and howls, feedback hums and drones and tension fills the silences. check it out here.

pan y rosas release last king of poland – hymn

hey everyone! we at pyr are excited to release an album from right here in chicago – hymn by last king of poland, aka tomasz jurczak.

tomasz began making music within the 8-bit/chiptune genre before moving into the world of harsh noise and ambient in 2007. he primarily uses a large pedalboard to manipulate feedback and voice as well as various noisemakers and synths. he tries to create a noise music that produces an emotional response in contrast to what he feels is the modern paradigm of drinking beer and turning a knob.

to this end his new album hymn is a quiet piece of time-lag minimalism for voice and two pedals. pulsing tones that drift in and out of phase and noises that float over drones of wordless vocalizations. meditative, introspective, and pretty. challenging without damaging your ears. get it here.