Kind Words for Trazar Líneas Rectas, Curvas by Eliana Rosales

The kindness comes from Avant Music News:

Trazar Líneas Rectas, Curvas is a beautiful, 41-minute set of alien soundscapes that could double as soundtrack to a psychological horror movie. But even taken on its face, the album provides unusual and yet enjoyable experimentalism.

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pan y rosas release trazar líneas rectas, curvas by eliana rosales!

Eliana Rosales is a cellist and audiovisual producer, a director and post-producer of music videos for installations, a soundtrack composer. She is a currently a teacher and is pursuing a degree in electronic arts at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.

Her first album for pan y rosas discos is a collection of pieces that Eliana composed and recorded between 2011 and 2016. Electronics. Voice. Cello. Drone. Feedback. Time. Environments. Tones. Winds.

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