pan y rosas release durga puja by pat moonchy and angelo contini!


pat moonchy has been performing for twenty years as a dj and experimental musician. she is an existentialist and versatile personality in a state of constant evolution; a developer of an intensely personal musical language. she first played the electric bass, then non-western philosophies inspired further self evolution and she explored vocal techniques – harmonic singing and circular breathing. as her interest in electronic music grew she learned to play the theremin with barbara buchholz. she also runs the club, the moonshine, in milan.

angelo contini began playing the trombone when he was twelve in his hometown’s marching band. his interest in the italian jazz and free jazz scene led him to a collaboration with the trumpet player guido mazzon and percussionist tony rusconi. in the early 1980’s he was part of the gruppo contemporaneo, whose aspettando i dinosauri is considered one of the seminal records of italian improvised music. over the years he has developed a deep knowledge of the trombone’s various sonorous possibilities as well as a highly personal playing style. he plays in several projects including multi-media, theatre and dance and has played throughout europe, the uk and usa.

pat and angelo recorded their album, durga puja, in piacenza in may of 2015. they used voices, electronics, trombones, recorders and shells. in nepal, durga puja is a holiday celebrating the goddess, durga and her triumph over evil. durga is pure shakti with a dual character that embodies both constructive and destructive energy.

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